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Feed Support Products

GMP+ International shares knowledge with certified companies via Feed Support Products (FSP). This is a source of information that anyone in the production chain can benefit from.

Feed Support Products
Feed Support Products

Using a convenient search feature, participating companies can immerse themselves in a wealth of information about feed safety. In the interactive system, you’ll find risk assessment, fact sheets, product lists and applicable safety limits.

FSP organizes and links the information, so that it can be used by feed companies for their own HACCP system. FSP consists of:

Sharing knowledge
With the FSP, GMP+ International provides in the market need for sharing knowledge. By releasing relevant information, the knowledge level of participating companies is increased. GMP+ International is convinced that this work method will lead to improved feed safety.

If you don’t have access to FSP (yet) and you are GMP+ certified, please send an e-mail via the contact form stating your company name and GMP+ number. You can also use this address to provide any feedback. If you have lost your password, you can go to the GMP+ portal and click ‘forgotten password’.

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