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Mutual Recognition

GMP+ certified companies can only purchase products and services from parties that are also GMP+ (ore equivalently) certified. Four leading scheme holders have agreed to harmonize the purchase conditions.

Mutual Recognition
Mutual Recognition

These four parties are GMP+ International, Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), OVOCOM and QS Qualität und Sicherheit. Mutual agreements have been made about the main principles for harmonization of the purchasing requirements in the certification schemes. The scheme holders pursue uniformity, increasing transparency and avoiding abuse of the mutual differences by feed companies. The harmonization must lead to better control of feed safety throughout the chain.

The requirement to work with GMP+ or equivalently certified suppliers applies for feed (feed additives, compound feed and premixtures) and services (transport, storage and transshipment and laboratory work). For certain products and services, requiring GMP+ (or equivalent) certification has proven impossible. For these situations, gatekeeper options are possible. In these cases, the GMP+ participant takes over the responsibility from the supplier. Please also check GMP+ BA10 Minimum Requirements for Purchasing.

QS Database

To assure permanent transparency throughout the entire supply chain within the QS scheme, every GMP+ certified company that wishes to deliver into the QS scheme, must register in the QS database. This also applies for GMP+ traders, transport companies and storage companies that, until now, were exempt from this obligation. As a result of an automatic transfer of data from the QS database to the GMP+ Company database, QS certified companies that choose to deliver products or services to GMP+ certified companies are automatically published in the GMP+ company database. For the QS certified producers of compound feed and premixtures, a registration fee applies. For this reason, QS certified producers of compound feed and premixtures, must fill out an application form with their billing information.

Via this link you'll find a manual about how to register in the QS database. 

The QS certified companies authorized to deliver within the GMP+ FC scheme, are published under the tab 'Other certification scemes', 'Qualität und Sicherheit' in the GMP+ company database.

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