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Get GMP+ certification

Your company is interested in a GMP+ certificate? But what advantages will you benefit from? And how does the application process work?

Get GMP+ certification
Get GMP+ certification
For the advantages we would like to refer you to the page ‘GMP+ scheme advantages’. If you are convinced, you can start the application process. This begins with determining what standard applies to your business activities. GMP+ FSA consists of several ‘main standards’: one general (B1) and three for more specific activities (B2, B3 and B4).

As soon as you have determined what standard applies to your company, you can begin the implementation of this standard. This means that you have to establish the necessary procedures associated with the feed safety system. To this end, check lists are available.

When you are confident that your system meets the requirements of the GMP+ certificate, you choose an accepted Certification Body and have them carry out an audit. When your company successfully completes this audit, you will receive the GMP+ certificate. You can also choose to have your organization audited for two modules during this audit: FSA and FRA.

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