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D documents

The A, B and D documents of GMP+ International provide companies – both certified companies and companies interested in certification – with all relevant information about the GMP+ certification scheme: from general conditions to implementation.

The D documents help your organization in the implementation of the set requirements.

1 - General GMP+ related documents

GMP+ D1.1 Procedure Benchmark GMP+ (version 13-09-2013)
GMP+ D1.2 GMP+ Guidance (version 01.01.2014) The brochure can be ordered by this link.
GMP+ D1.3 Feed Fraude Information document (version 19-01-2017)

2 - Explanatory documents i.r.t. GMP+ Feed Certification scheme

GMP+ D2.1 Guideline HACCP GMP+ (version 13.09.2013)

GMP+ D2.3 Guidelines Recall (version 13.09.2013)
GMP+ D2.4 Guidelines for Traceability (version 13.09.2013)
GMP+ D2.5 A guide for the supplier assessment (version 13.09.2013)
GMP+ D2.6 Guidance documents for specific GMP+ application (version 01.11.2015)

3 - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

GMP+ D3.5 Where does GMP+ FSA certification start?  (version 01.12.2017)
GMP+ D3.6 FAQ Starting with GMP+ (version 15.09.2016)
GMP+ D3.7 FAQ GMP+ Monitoring database (version 11.09.2013)
GMP+ D3.8 FAQ GMP+ BCN-NL1 Antibiotics-free feed (version 01.01.2015)
GMP+ D3.10 FAQ GMP+ BCN CEE (version 01.01.2015)
GMP+ D3.11 FAQ GMP+ BA5 (EWS) (version 01.03.2017)
GMP+ D3.12 FAQ Positive declaration (version 18.05.2016)
GMP+ D3.14 FAQ QM Milch (version 13.03.2017)
GMP+ D3.16 FAQ GMP+ BCN-IT (version 01.01.2016)
GMP+ D3.16 FAQ GMP+ BCN-IT (Italian version 01.01.2016)
GMP+ D3.17 FAQ Feed Support Products (version 15.11.2016)
GMP+ D3.19 FAQ Pesticides residues (version 30.11.2017)
GMP+ D3.20 FAQ Insects in feed (version 01.11.2017)

5- Guidance

GMP+ D5.1 Certification Guidance document (version 01.07.2017)

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