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GMP+ FRA certification

Working responsibly is becoming increasingly important in the feed industry. With the GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA) module, companies provide evidence that they meet the market requirements for responsibly produced feed.

GMP+ FRA certification
GMP+ FRA certification

Working responsibly, for instance, involves the use of soy (and soy derivatives). To demonstrate that this is produced and trade with respect for people, animals and the environment, the GMP+ FRA certificate exists. With this certificate, companies show their customers and suppliers that they guarantee the delivery of responsible feed.

Audits are carried out by GMP+ accepted Certification Bodies. The growing GMP+ FRA module, established in 2013, currently has several hundred participants in multiple countries.

The A, B and D documents of GMP+ International provide companies – both certified companies and companies interested in certification – with all relevant information about the GMP+ certification scheme: from general conditions to the implementation. Those who are interested in the role of Certification Bodies can consult the C documents.



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