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25 years GMP+ International

In 2017, we had reason to celebrate: it was the feed certification scheme's 25th anniversary!

We are thankful for and proud of what we have managed to build in twenty five years. Without the commitment and input of the certified companies, our employees, partners and all other parties involved, the GMP+ Feed Certification feed would not have been able to grow into what it is today; a full-fledged scheme facilitating almost the entire feed chain.

We are active in more than 80 countries, work together with 30 accepted Certification Bodies, have 32 partners in various countries and a lot of partnerships. Over the past years, we had an annual growth of 10 percent, year over year, and in 2017, we welcomed the 17,000th GMP+ certified company. We celebrated our 25 year anniversary in November of 2017 with an international conference in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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